C.S.I Multi -Speciality Hospital,Marthandam

The Marthandam Mission Hospital was initially started in a building near the Marthandam market in 1883 before the present hospital campus was purchased and a building built in 1892 under the chairmanship of Dr. Sargood Fry. The Diwan Ragavaiah having visited the hospital recognized its efficient functioning closed down the nearby government hospital and sanctioned a yearly government aid to this hospital. Soon a maternity ward and a general ward were constructed followed by a surgical, post-operative and dental unit and the hospital continued to flourish well.

This hospital was started in 1883 by Dr.Thompson and Dr.P.Vethamonickam, Dr.G.M.Moses affectionately called as ‘Physician of the poor’ served here from 1944 to 1966 and today a inpatient ward has been named after him as the Dr.Moses Memorial Block – Today this is a Multispecialty hospital situated on the National Highway doing extremely well.