C.S.I Multi -Speciality Hospital,Neyyoor

The LMS started its evangelical work at South Travancore as early as 1806. Rev. Charles Mead had the idea of starting a medical mission and Dr. Archibald Ramsay, appointed by the LMS arrived at Neyyoor and established the hospital in April 1838 making it one of the oldest mission hospitals in the country. Dr. C. C. Leich came to Neyyoor in 1852 followed by Dr John Lowe in 1861. The medical ministry treated thousands of patients in these years which included surgical procedures and vaccinations also and furthermore a Medical School was started with the aim of opening medical centers in every district. Special training was given to Bible Women and they were recruited as nurses. By 1890, the South Travancore medical mission came to be known as the largest of its kind in the world. Dr Somervell arrived in India in 1922 for the Everest expedition, visited Dr Pugh and in the following year dedicated his life to selfless service at the hospital for over two decades.

Currently the hospital is a multispecialty center with 420 beds which includes medical surgical and neonatal ICUs, dialysis unit, radiology department, laboratory, blood bank, operation theater complex, maternity and labour ward, general and private wards and a palliative ward. Regular medical camps and outreach programs are conducted to screen for diseases and promote awareness among the people.