Deep down in the vale of despondency and despair, dark melancholy clouds choking every ray of light, an inspiring vision amidst the mist and the fog, a courageous labored crawl to the plateaus of hope, a heroic climb up the rising hills of confidence, the challenging beckoning sunlit peaks not too far from reach – this has been the history of the Kanyakumari Medical Mission in recent years. The Protestant Missionaries, the London Mission Doctors in particular were the pioneers to eradicate the ignorance and superstitions of the people of South Travancore. They in order to convert the people, involved themselves by serving them medically. In March 1838, Dr.Archibald Ramsay who popularized the Medical Mission work of LMS, was the first Medical Missionary to come to South Travancore and started the first Mission hospital at Neyyoor. From then on there was no turning back. Many Medical Missionaries like Rev.Dr.Charles Leitch, Rev.Baylis, Rev.Dr.John Lowe, Dr.Thompson, Dr.Edwin Sargood Fry, Dr.Fells, Dr.William Charles Bentall, Dr.Stephen Horatio Pugh to name a few, served from 1838 to 1926 and labored hard to place the Medical work on a broader foundation. In addition many Indian Medical Evangelists also played an important role in the growth of the Medical Mission – notable among them being Dr.R.P.Packianathan, Dr.G.James, Dr.R.Asirvatham, Dr.S.Yesudian, etc. Dr.Somervell arrived in India for the Everest expedition in 1922. 1923 was the turning point in the annals of the Medical Mission. The selfless and dedicated service rendered by Dr.Somervell from 1923 to 1951 is unforgettable and called the “Golden Era of the Medical Mission”. During his period the first X-ray unit was installed. Neyyoor Hospital gained a name of renown in the International Medical Field. A special cancer ward was opened in 1927. The beautiful Hospital chapel was built in 1937 in memory of this father.

1861 – The first Medical School started with 8 students by Dr.John Lowe.

1878 – New Hospital building built by Dr.Thompson

1892 – Miss Margarette Elisa Mc Donnell appointed as first Nursing Superintendent.

1893- The Medical Mission was named as The Largest Medical Mission in the world.

1914 – Medical school came to a close

1912 – Status of Nurses was brought up by raising their salary. Collection of fees from patients for consultation and surgery.

1930 – Neyyoor Nursing school affiliated to CMAI.

1952 – Government approval obtained for Midwifery course

1960 – The Medical Ministry of Kanyakumari Diocese was renamed Kanyakumari

Medical Mission – C.S.I. and began functioning under a Medical Board hence forth. The history of the Neyyoor Hospital has recorded several eras of ups and downs, eras of revival and progress. And today we witness the spectacular beginnings of another era. Now there is a new look, not a mere face-lift caused by brick and mortar, but an illuminating inner glow, a new order, a reconstruction at the core. The face-lift, spectacular in itself, is only an outward manifestation of a vital process of regeneration and rejuvenation. Memorable years these! Almost from scratch, facing heavy odds! What a marvelous transformation has been achieved! More patients and better patient care, more sophisticated equipment, better trained and qualified technicians, greater control and coordination of departments, Higher Nursing standards, latest medical and surgical equipments and techniques. A dedicated captain, an inspired crew and the ship launched again in faith and confidence, sailing majestically, once more the queen of the seas! Today we are a 412 bedded multi specialty hospital with few super specialty departments on par with other corporate hospital of our districts. Our main headquarters is at Neyyoor with 5 branch hospitals also doing reasonably well. We are also running 2 Schools of Nursing, two Nursing Colleges, a Physiotherapy College and various Paramedical courses.