International Cancer Care Centre

Due to the wide spread prevalence of oral cancers, a cancer prevention scheme was started in 1961. The International Cancer Centre was started in 1963 by Dr.Jenkins and a cobalt unit was set up in 1965. Neyyoor hospital has the distinction of being the first hospital to introduce radiation for cancer treatment in South India. In 1985 – A new unit Thearatron 80 was installed. Today, this centre caters to the needs of all patients in South Tamil Nadu with a well equipped dual energy Linear Accelerator for giving modern and full fledged treatment to cancer patients. In additional special and general wards, Day care chemotherapy ward, Brachytherapy Unit, X-ray and Ultrasound scan facilities are all available at nominal cost. Various schemes including Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, Pallathakkin Leeli Charitable Trust, provide free treatment or financial assistance for medication.

In 1961 the Medical Mission started the Cancer Prevention Society creating an awareness among the masses through the Neyyoor Hospital as well as public media. A plan to start a center with a Cobalt unit at Neyyoor was proposed and with the help of governments and charitable institutions it became a reality. In 1965, the Cobalt unit was brought in and within two years proper treatment for patients commenced. Later on a Linear Accelerator was also obtained for the ICC. Funds with the aim of free treatment for the poor were set up by 1988 and further progressed to include free food, lodging and counseling for patients as well.