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    175 Years on the Wings of Healing
    One of the Most Trusted Hospitals in South India
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    Recognised for its Positive Clinical Outcomes
    World Class Standards in Quality
    Multispeciality Health Care and Service
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    Offers the Highest Standards of Medical treatment
    With Multiple Branch Hospitals
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    Care, Compassion & Commitment
    Touches every Section of the society

Welcome To C.S.I Medical Mission

CSI MEDICAL MISSION KANYAKUMARI is a part of the C.S.I Kanyakumari District. With a heritage spanning more than 175 years, it is recognised as one of the most trusted multi-super speciality tertiary care hospitals in South India. In 1838, the late Shri BM Birla conceived the ideology of delivering quality medical care through research and education. CSI MEDICAL MISSION KANYAKUMARI was thus founded to aid medical advancement, educate, and give back to society. CSI MEDICAL MISSION KANYAKUMARI today provides healthcare services to all strata of society, through state-of-the-art infrastructure

The history of the Neyyoor Hospital has recorded several eras of ups and downs, eras of revival and progress. And today we witness the spectacular beginnings of another era. Now there is a new look, not a mere face-lift caused by brick and mortar, but an illuminating inner glow, a new order, a reconstruction at the core. The face-lift, spectacular in itself, is only an outward manifestation of a vital process of regeneration and rejuvenation. Memorable years these! Almost from scratch, facing heavy odds! What a marvelous transformation has been achieved! .

175 Years on the Wings of Healing

Deep down in the vale of despondency and despair, dark melancholy clouds choking every ray of light, an inspiring vision amidst the mist and the fog, a courageous labored crawl to the plateaus of hope, a heroic climb up the rising hills of confidence, the challenging beckoning sunlit peaks not too far from reach – this has been the history of the Kanyakumari Medical Mission in recent years.

Our Vision

To upgrade to superspeciality hospital with cardiology, cardiothoracic and Organ transplant Units.

Our Mission

To offer the highest standards of medical treatment , To treat patients with care, compassion & commitment ,

Why Us

More than 5,50,000 successful surgeries , Wide range of specialities, including diagnostic services under one roof

Clinical Services

CSI MEDICAL MISSION KANYAKUMARI has several diagnostic and therapeutic laboratories

Branch Hospitals

C.S.I Multi -Speciality Hospital,Marthandam

This hospital was started in 1883 by Dr.Thompson and Dr.P.Vethamonickam, Dr.G.M.Moses affectionately called as ‘Physician of the poor’ served here from 1944 to 1966 and today a inpatient ward has been named after him as the Dr.Moses Memorial Block – Today this is a Multispecialty hospital situated on the National Highway doing extremely well.

C.S.I Mission Hospital,Kulasekaram

This hospital was opened by Dr.Thompson in the premises of a salt – store house donated by the government in 1881. This hospital abandoned in 1954 was renovated and re-opened in 1960 when it began functioning with 25 beds. Today it is doing moderately well with a Theatre and OPD complex, lab and X-ray facilities.

C.S.I Mission Hospital,Nagercoil

In 1880, Dr.Thompson opened a hospital in Nagercoil and appointed Dr.Y. Henry as the Medical officer. This hospital was running on loss and closed in 1954. It was later revived in 1964 and since then by the blessing of the Lord Almighty it has become one of the best maternity and child care hospital in the district with all modern facilities.

Charles Pease Memorial Hospital, Colachel

This was started in the year 1887 by Dr.Sargood Fry for the protection and care of helpless victims of Leprosy with donation from Mission to Lepers and Mrs.Charles Pease. A Leprosy home and a home for the healthy children of Leprosy patients were established. Patients suffering from leprosy are admitted and treated free of cost with free food,...